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International Journal of Civil Engineering and Applications (IJCEA)

ISSN 2249-426X
Mohammad Amin Horiri Ardebili, 
Civil Envoronmental and Architectural Engineering (CEAE) 
Colorado, Boulder 

Aims and Scope : The International Journal of Civil Engineering and Applications (IJCEA) is an international research journal, which publishes top-level work on Civil Engineering and its applications. It contains articles on structure engineering, geotechnics, construction engineering, engineering mechanics, and engineering materials, and a history of civil engineering, environmental engineering, hydrotechnical engineering, earthquakes, water resources, hydraulic and hydraulic structures, construction management and material. Contributors include researchers and practitioners in industry, government, and academe.

 International Journal of Civil Engineering and Applications (IJCEA) is an international research journal, devoted to original and interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed papers on theoretical and research related to civil engineering with similar emphasis on all topics.

Submission: Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically to submit@rfgindia.com with mention journal title (IJCEA) in subject line.

Page Charge: NO PUBLICATION CHARGES. No publication charges will be paid by authors.

Publication Date and Frequency: Six issues per year.

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